Vulcan Glass Art Studio

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About Barry

Barry first realized he had artistic talent when he enrolled in a jewelry course at his high school in Naperville IL. It came as a big surprise to him when compared to all the other artwork he had previously done during his school years. He decided to pursue art courses locally and learned quickly that his talents were not in two dimensional art but in 3D. 

In a search for a way to express his artistic bent, he visited a local glass artist to explore the medium. It was an immediate connection that started him on the path to founding Vulcan Glass Art Studio

The difficult characteristic of borosilicate glass is its chemical makeup and the changes in the glass due to the heat of the torch. The artist must be quick in rotating glass as it heats and understand when the material has reached the correct temperature and viscosity. Barry has spent over 10 years learning this skill and says, "There are no "do overs" with glass! "  If you don't get it right, your piece cracks - sometimes after several hours of work.  


His goal is to continually improve his skill and create ever more intricate pieces while supporting himself with glass work.  He has also recently started teaching classes and gains satisfaction from imparting his experience to his students. 

 Barry's hope is that those who view his work become as fascinated as he is with this ancient medium and can appreciate the details he strives to incorporate into each and every piece.